Launch announcement: visit the new SPRINT Robotics website

SPRINT Robotics inspection maintenance robotics

We are excited to announce the newly designed website of SPRINT Robotics!
Our team wanted to bring together improved website functionality with a fresher and sleeker look. We also took the opportunity to reorganize the content of the website, allowing us to better highlight key SPRINT Robotics initiatives and activities.
Visit to see our new look!

The completion of the new website is another important step in our mission to provide information consistently and concisely about the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative. A few months ago we launched the SPRINT Robotics Story, an interactive, digital experience that explores the different groups, initiatives, and activities within SPRINT Robotics. Visitors can journey through our story: from where SPRINT Robotics is now to how we are moving forward through new initiatives within the collaborative. It is an excellent way to present SPRINT Robotics to your organization or share with colleagues who are involved with I&M Robotics.

Our new website is an extension of the SPRINT Robotics Story, going deeper into the organization’s history, delivering a more extensive overview of events and activities, and providing a more comprehensive view of our publications and publicly released content. In our aim to create synergies between sectors, we can now feature new initiatives to accelerate certain application areas and encourage expansion to new sectors.

To better facilitate collaboration within the SPRINT Robotics community, we launched SR Community a year ago. This online platform is available exclusively for all SPRINT Robotics participating companies and is a valuable online asset to help connect I&M professionals around the globe. SR Community is a central place for all of the different groups within SPRINT Robotics to collaborate and includes a knowledge base with recent deployments, use cases and technologies that are driving the industry forward. SR Community also holds the entire archive of recorded webinars and seminars, with more than 100 videos available.

We would like to thank all who contributed their time and energy to make this site what it is. For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please drop us a line!