Robotics Fitness Challenge in Rotterdam

Put robotic solutions to the test in a real-world environment

The Robotics Fitness Challenge takes SPRINT Robotics demo days to a new level, putting robots to the test in a real-world environment. The two-day event on May 31st & June 1st allows Associate Participants to showcase their technologies. Where possible and useful, each robot registered in the Robotics Fitness Challenge will follow a predefined list of use cases and tasks.

Robots from these companies will be put to the test in a real-world environment, following a predefined list of use cases and tasks:
➡️ExRobotics ➡️Falcker ➡️Voliro Airborne Robotics ➡️Flyability ➡️Energy Robotics ➡️Terra Inspectioneering ➡️JIREH Industries ➡️XaaSLabs Inc ➡️Abyss Solutions ➡️ANYbotics ➡️Luftronix ➡️Waygate Technologies

Are you a SPRINT Robotics member company interested in attending or participating?
Register for the event and download the Challenge Descriptions and Use cases here.
Robotics Fitness Challenge
31 May & 01 June 2022
RDM Training Plant, Rotterdam

Are you a Non-SPRINT Robotics company?
We’ve opened attendance to the final session of the Robotics Fitness Challenge on June 1st at the RDM Training Plant in Rotterdam. Registration is required.
Open Demo Event
01 June 2022 | 13:00 – 15:30 u
RDM Training Plant, Rotterdam
Make sure to register if you would like to attend the Open Demo Event!