Robotics Fitness Challenge Aftermovie and Highest Scores

SPRINT Robotics Fitness Challenge

The Robotics Fitness Challenge took SPRINT Robotics demo days to a new level, putting robots to the test in a real-world environment. The two-day event held at the RDM Training Plant in Rotterdam allowed Associate Participants to showcase their technologies, following a predefined list of use cases and tasks.

At the end of the two days, the Highest Scores were announced for three categories. These are the companies that received the highest scores:

  • ANYbotics, in the category Action Group Remote Operators (AGRO)
  • Voliro, in the category Action Group Storage Tanks (AGST)
  • Waygate Technologies, in the category Action Group Pressure Vessels (AGPV)

AGRO Coordinator Ted Manning commented: “Benchmarking exercises are vital because they allow us to objectively measure progress in the rapidly accelerating area of robotics technology. This physical event was a start, to understand gaps and to excite healthy competition to close them, but it was also an opportunity to network and see activity across all action groups. The results allow asset owners to frame effective communication with our senior leadership in an industry-wide context, with the aim to accelerate the adoption of valuable robotics solutions. Huge appreciation to all those who took part and gave of their precious time to make this such a great and fun event. We look forward to the next one, and encourage any feedback to improve it for all involved.”

Watch the Robotics Fitness Challenge aftermovie!