Registration opens for the SPRINT Robotics Asset Integrity Management Seminar with JSNDI in Tokyo, Japan

In the heart of Tokyo, Japan, the SPRINT Robotics Asset Integrity Management Seminar is set to take place on April 15-16, 2024. Co-hosted with the Japanese Society of Non-Destructive Inspection (JSNDI), this event promises to be a hub of innovation, knowledge exchange, and networking opportunities for professionals in the field.

Cutting-Edge Insights and Solutions

This seminar offers a unique platform to delve into the latest advancements in non-destructive inspection (NDI). With rapid technological advancements, the landscape of asset integrity management is continuously evolving. The seminar aims to explore these developments, providing attendees with valuable insights into emerging technologies and methodologies.

Event Highlights

  • Exhibition Opportunities: Participants will have the chance to engage with leading companies showcasing their cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the exhibition area.
  • Vendor Presentations: Industry experts will deliver informative presentations, highlighting the capabilities and applications of their NDI solutions.
  • Keynotes from Asset Owners & JSNDI: Gain valuable perspectives from asset owners and representatives of JSNDI, offering insights into industry trends, challenges, and best practices.
  • Panel Session: A panel of experts will engage in insightful discussions on key topics shaping the future of asset integrity management.
  • Networking Dinner: Attendees can unwind and network with peers and industry leaders during the networking dinner on April 15, fostering valuable connections and collaborations.


Expanding Knowledge in the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan, known as the Land of the Rising Sun, provides a fitting backdrop for this seminar. Renowned for its technological prowess and commitment to excellence, Japan offers a conducive environment for exploring the frontiers of asset integrity management.

Confirmed speakers for the SPRINT Robotics Asset Integrity Management Seminar include industry executives such as Steve Smith from BP, Kishi Kotaro from INPEX, Luke Johnson from Woodside, Tjibbe Bouma and Peter Voorhans from SPRINT Robotics, Michele Guardineri from Hibot, Martijn Cuiyx from Vincotte​, David Bajula from PROtect LLC​, and John O’Brien from ITCskills, with more to come!


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