SPRINT Robotics Challenges

SPRINT Robotics Challenges

Join the journey into innovation with the SPRINT Robotics Yearly Robotics Fitness Challenge and Cleaning & Fabric Maintenance Challenges. These annual events provide a unique platform for companies to showcase their technologies in real-life situations.

The Robotics Fitness Challenge revolutionizes traditional demo days, subjecting robots to rigorous testing in authentic environments. Over two days, this event empowers robotic vendors to showcase their technologies to asset operators, highlighting their capabilities across a spectrum of tasks and categories. Each participating solution follows a predefined set of use cases and tasks, executed on genuine assets or specially constructed test objects. These parameters are meticulously curated by the Robotics Fitness Challenge Steering Committee, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the robots’ performance and versatility.

On the other hand, the Cleaning & Fabric Maintenance Challenge (CFM) seeks to identify demonstrable robotic technologies for the cleaning and maintenance of storage tanks, pressure vessels, process piping, and associated infrastructure. The emphasis lies on existing and emerging robotic tools on the brink of commercialization, aiming to eradicate the need for Confined Space Entries (CSE), Scaffolding, or Rope Access (RA) during cleaning and fabric maintenance tasks.

These events continuously push and drive innovation further in the realm of robotics, fostering a dynamic environment for industry advancements! 

Robotics Fitness Challenge