Creating Synergies

SPRINT Robotics’ strategic partnerships help drive I&M Robotics, creating synergies between sectors, connecting leading industry experts, and accelerating innovation through cross-sectoral initiatives of robotic development and deployment. Through our partnerships we aim offer SPRINT Robotics participating companies increased collaboration and networking opportunities, creating joint value and generating new ideas as we look forward to the future of I&M Robotics.  

RIMA (Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance) was a 4-year initiative designed to address a critical gap by creating a network of 13 Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) and industry associations. The goal was to promote the adoption of robotics and assist small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in devising innovative solutions for various industry sectors. RIMA received funding from the European Union’s Horizon2020 initiative. SPRINT Robotics and RIMA formed a partnership from 2019 to 2023.

APARA (Asia Pacific Assistive Robotics Association) is a young association founded on the motivation to help users leverage digital technology to augment human capability and potential.  Our membership study aspects of the Ethical and Responsible use of AI and Robotics applications.  We are a leading platform for Innovation, Adoption and Augmentation of Intelligent Robotics by the Digital Community.

KicMPi, The Knowledge and Innovation Centre for the Maintenance Process Industry is an independent cooperative association. It stimulates cooperation between companies with the aim of innovating with maintenance in the process industry. SPRINT Robotics and KicMpi collaborated  during the 2023 SPRINT Robotics European Roadshow in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Based out of the UK, the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) is the leading global non-profit industry forum promoting the use of data technologies in water and wastewater networks, making them smarter, more efficient and sustainable. By fostering cross-industry collaboration, SWAN shares its members’ diverse expertise, develops its own research, and helps shape industry standards.

Vereniging KINT, a Dutch organization, focuses on ensuring the safety and integrity of industrial installations, with a specific emphasis on pressure equipment, steel constructions, and means of transport. The association is committed to optimizing Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) throughout the life cycle of these components and serves as an independent platform for knowledge exchange among members and affiliated companies. Through its dedication to discussions on NDT possibilities, Vereniging KINT aims to enhance overall quality and contribute to effective regulation. In collaboration with SPRINT Robotics, the association organized a two-day International Symposium in February 2023, addressing “Robotics and Remote Visual Inspection of Pressure Equipment” at CO2 Campus in Terneuzen, The Netherlands.

InnoTech Alberta, a subsidiary of Alberta Innovates, is a research and innovation organization based in Alberta, Canada, with a primary focus on advancing research and technology to support economic growth and diversification. The organization is renowned for providing technical expertise and innovative solutions in sectors such as energy, environment, forestry, and agriculture. Notably, the organization partnered with SPRINT Robotics to cohost a one-day stop in the SPRINT Robotics North American Roadshow in March 2024, offering a platform for discussions, demonstrations, and knowledge-sharing in the field of robotics and technological advancements.