Direct platform for engagement

A rising tide lifts all boats: the collaborative effort between participating companies on SPRINT Robotics roadshows brings value to both hosts (asset owners and operators) and participants (service and technology suppliers). In building bottom-up momentum for robotization and digitalization, the latest technologies for inspection and maintenance robotics are brought to the doorstep of end users, helping to increase exposure to available technological solutions.

The interactive format of showcasing technology provides a direct platform for engagement for end users and technology suppliers. The hosts see first-hand a wide range of technologies, while participants can receive direct feedback on the potential uses and applications of their technologies.

The SPRINT Robotics roadshows have proven to be an ideal framework to connect the value chain and encourage discussion about specific inspection and maintenance challenges.

The roadshows are organized around the globe in SPRINT Robotics’ regional chapters: Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. Efficiency and flexibility are paramount on each stop of the roadshow. Whether it be in a meeting room or outside in a parking lot, we adapt to the host site. Roadshow stops are held in locations which lower the barrier of entry to discovering novel technologies. In 2020 we introduced Virtual Roadshows and Showcases; in 2021 the concept has expanded to On-Demand Roadshows.


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The SPRINT Robotics roadshows are exclusive to participating companies and organizations. If you are interested, consider becoming a SPRINT Robotics member or contact SPRINT Robotics.