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A rising tide lifts all boats: the collaborative effort between participating companies on SPRINT Robotics roadshows brings value to both hosts (asset owners and operators) and participants (service and technology suppliers). In building bottom-up momentum for robotization and digitalization, the latest technologies for inspection and maintenance robotics are brought to the doorstep of end users, helping to increase exposure to available technological solutions.

The interactive format of showcasing technology provides a direct platform for engagement for end users and technology suppliers. The hosts see first-hand a wide range of technologies, while participants can receive direct feedback on the potential uses and applications of their technologies.

The SPRINT Robotics roadshows have proven to be an ideal framework to connect the value chain and encourage discussion about specific inspection and maintenance challenges.

The roadshows are organized around the globe in SPRINT Robotics’ regional chapters: Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. Efficiency and flexibility are paramount on each stop of the roadshow. Whether it be in a meeting room or outside in a parking lot, we adapt to the host site. Roadshow stops are held in locations which lower the barrier of entry to discovering novel technologies. In 2020 we introduced Virtual Roadshows and Showcases; in 2021 the concept has expanded to On-Demand Roadshows.

SPRINT Robotics North american Roadshow

March 11 - 15, 2024


Asia-Pacific Roadshow | Sept. 2023

North American Roadshow | Nov. 2023

SPRINT Robotics European Roadshow | OPEN STOP

June 28, 2023 | 15:00 - 17:30

SPRINT Robotics Open Stop co-hosted by CO3 Campus and KicMPi

Attend the open stop at CO3 Campus for FREE

We have the pleasure of announcing that the SPRINT Robotics European Roadshow will include an open stop for all members and the general public in the afternoon of June 28,2023 at the CO3 Campus in Terneuzen, The Netherlands.

This open stop is co-hosted by KicMPi and CO3 Campus and features leading I&M robotics solution vendors who will be showcasing their technologies to the public. Aside from stops at major chemical plants and multinational energy companies’ facilities, this event is sure to broaden your horizons on the latest digital and robotic innovations in the field of inspection & maintenance robotics.

Registration is required.

If you are interested in attending the SPRINT Robotics Open Stop co-hosted by CO3 Campus and KicMPi, Register here

Click here to view the SPRINT Robotics Open Stop Flyer


15:00 – 15:30: Welcome with coffee

15:30 -16:30: Presentations and demonstration

16:30 – 17:30: Networking Drinks


  • Bilfinger
  • Boston Dynamics
  • Energy Robotics
  • ExRobotics
  • Flyability
  • Gecko Robotics
  • Koks Robotics
  • Luftronix
  • Quasset
  • ScoutDI
  • Sensor Networks Inc.
  • Voliro
  • Waygate Technologies


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Great SPRINT Roadshow!  As I’ve said for several years, there is no better way to connect your robotics technology with the “right” people in the Oil & Gas world, and specifically with folks at the plant level. Nice job Xavier & Adrian, and the entire SPRINT team.

– Jim Disser, RMUS

Having the face to face discovery discussions at the plant-level provided Valkim Technologies with priceless insights and opportunities.  Some applications had not even been on our radar.

– Kim Hayes, Valkim Technologies

Thank you for coordinating the 2022 Gulf Coast SPRINT Robotics roadshow. The roadshow was a great opportunity to reconnect with many customers post-COVID. Being able to showcase advancements in our technologies and offerings has allowed us to strengthen our relationships with our valued clients.

– Eddie Gutiérrez, Nexxis

Being an exhibitor at the SPRINT Robotics roadshow provided our company with exclusive access to the largest players in the industry. We were able to introduce our technology to both maintenance and supply chain management. The roadshow was one of the best shows we have ever attended!

– Joe, Sciphyn


The SPRINT Robotics roadshows are exclusive to participating companies and organizations. If you are interested, consider becoming a SPRINT Robotics member or contact SPRINT Robotics.