Webinars & Seminars

Throughout the year, SPRINT Robotics members may attend webinars presented by asset owners/operators, industry experts, and technology and service providers. Topics range from use cases and deployments to robotics solutions and industry initiatives. In 2021, the RIMA Network will present a series of webinars focused on different industry sectors such as energy, oil & gas, water, and transport.

Seminars have always been a part of SPRINT Robotics initiatives. As the collaborative has grown, the seminars have expanded in frequency, topics, and themes. One common thread has always remained: starting from the asset owner perspective in the drive to advance real-world deployments of I&M robotics. 


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Always starting from the asset owner perspective, SPRINT Robotics organizes seminars focused on the advancement of real-world deployments of I&M Robotics. Recent seminars have included Robotic-Enabled Facilities Seminar in Houston and “Focus on Clean Energy: The Impact of Robotics for I&M”.  The first SPRINT Robotics Seminars were typically one-day live events organized in different regions.  The major shift to online events and meetings in 2020 offered a new perspective on connecting the SPRINT Robotics community. We’ve successfully transformed our events to virtual ones, with the major advantage that the global SPRINT Robotics community may attend an even wider range of activities.

Recent Seminars

Focus on Clean Energy: The Impact of Robotics for I&M

Advancing Robotics for I&M in Water-intensive Industries

Enabling New Opportunities for the Global Inspection & Maintenance Robotics Industry