The SPRINT Robotics Awards

Excellence in I&M Robotics

Awarded annually, the SPRINT Robotics Awards acknowledge and reward exceptional work in inspection and maintenance robotics in our society. Any company, other than an asset owner or operator, that has contributed to the vision of SPRINT Robotics, may apply for the awards. The winners are selected by means of a majority vote by the SPRINT Robotics Program Committee.

Past SPRINT Robotics Awards Winners

The past winners of the SPRINT Robotics Awards: companies that have demonstrated exceptional work in inspection and maintenance robotics. The nomination periods for the annual SPRINT Robotics Awards are announced internally on SR Community, as well as externally for the general public.  Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with the latest information!



Groundbreaking Collaborative Work towards Acceptance of Inspection and Maintenance Robotic

Scaling of a Robotic Solution

New Innovative Technology in Inspection, Maintenance or Cleaning



Intero Integrity was awarded the prize or their collaboration with Vopak



GE Inspection Robotics was awarded the prize for their collaboration with IRISNDT