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Join SPRINT Robotics


  • Join a global network and professional platform of highly engaged companies and institutions that work in the field of inspection and maintenance.
  • SPRINT Robotics is end user driven.  We support the whole value chain, connecting asset owners and operators to service and technology providers.
  • Gain a better understanding of industry needs and align with professionals who are eager to improve and increase safety, quality and efficiency.
  • Membership benefits your entire company; all employees of participating companies may join events, download publications, and login to our community platform. 


  • Access to SR Community. Our online platform is exclusively for SPRINT Robotics participating companies.
  • Our knowledge base is a valuable resource, constantly expanding with new deployments, solutions and presentations to keep you up to speed on developments in a fast-moving field.
  • Access to best practices developed by SPRINT Robotics. All publications released by SPRINT Robotics are free of charge to SPRINT Robotics participating companies.
  • Newsletters to keep you up to date on SPRINT Robotics activities, projects and events.
SPRINT Robotics inspection maintenance robotics


  • Attend a wide range of webinars and seminars with presentations from experts in the field. 
  • SPRINT Robotics members can join regional chapters and contribute to action groups and industry initiative projects. 
  • Participation in our novel Roadshow events.
  • Discounts to the annual World Conference for Inspection & Maintenance Robotics.
  • Network with like-minded professionals to share and expand robotic industry knowledge.


  • Opportunities to join industry projects aimed at R&D and market innovation.
  • Participation in all other activities that are aimed at achieving the SPRINT Robotics vision and mission.
  • Pave the path towards clean energy and a low-carbon future.
  • Gain access to funding & projects.



Open exclusively to Asset Owners / Operators in all asset-based sectors


All companies, institutes and organizations, other than Asset Owners / Operators

Join SPRINT Robotics

Join the largest global network for I&M Robotics with a support base of nearly 124 organizations around the world.

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