Regional Chapters

The SPRINT Robotics Regional Chapters organize regional industry events such as demonstrations, seminars, roadshows and workshops to align all parties in the value chain and promote the global acceptance and use of robotics for I&M. There are four SPRINT Robotics Regional Chapters: European Regional Chapter (SREU), North American Regional Chapter (SRNA), Asia-Pacific Regional Chapter (SRAP), and launched in 2023, Latin American Regional Chapter (SRLA).

Regional Chapters have the responsibility to define and execute a coherent program, including a concrete set of activities and deliverables, why the activities and tasks are being undertaken, how the group plans to achieve its goals, budgetary coverage, and a timeline. All activities and deliverables of the Regional Chapters are in line with the SPRINT Robotics vision and mission.

SPRINT Robotics European Chapter

SREU Coordinator: Ekkehard Zwicker (Waygate Technologies)

The European Chapter played an active role in setting up and influencing the European Robotics Roadmap which will help to guide the research activities as well as future research grants into a direction we regard as key for our industry. A main achievement was to get Inspection & Maintenance as one of the four key pillars of robotic activities in European robotic research.

SPRINT Robotics North American Chapter

SRNA Coordinator: Eric Sjerve (IRISNDT)

SRNA has significantly accelerated the use of commercially available systems by connecting directly with end users at their sites of operation, while also facilitating their continued development supported by asset owner needs.

SPRINT Robotics Asia-Pacific Chapter

SRAP Coordinator: Luke Johnson (Woodside) | Digvijay Desai (Shell)

Bringing industry, end-users, and vendors together to share and develop real use cases progresses innovation and creates a sustainable robotics market to allow all collaborators to thrive.

SPRINT Robotics inspection maintenance robotics


SPRINT Robotics Latin American Chapter

SRLA Coordinator: Mauricio Galassi(Petrobras)

SRLA will increase integration between Latin American and global robotics initiatives for Inspection & Maintenance, promoting business opportunities and equipment availability. Regional editions are an important tool for technology dissemination.