SPRINT Robotics’ latest publication; “Robotic Field Worker Solution: Operational Deployment Best Practices and Processes” is now available

We’re excited to announce the SPRINT Robotics publication of “Robotic Field Worker Solution: Operational Deployment Best Practices and Processes”.

Over the past decade, robots for use at remote (offshore) sites in the Oil & Gas industry have been developed as isolated stand-alone units. Now, with a focus on further commoditization and routine task deployment, the timing is ripe for the introduction of a Robot as a Service (RaaS) model.

This guide provides invaluable insights for Oil & Gas companies looking to integrate robotic field worker solutions into their remote sites and operational procedures. Covering everything from initial design reviews to digital integration and ethics, this document serves as a significant resource for both industry players and developers alike. Emphasizing continuous improvement, this work will evolve alongside the field’s growing experience, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in the years to come.

SPRINT Robotics members: you may download your free copy in the SR Community portal: SR Community – Robotic Field Worker Solution: Operational deployment best practices and processes

For non-SPRINT Robotics members, you may purchase the document in the SPRINT Robotics shop.