SPRINT Robotics has initiated a number of publications, ranging from guidelines and reports to the highly successful SPRINT Robotics Roadmap, used by a wide range of audiences and unique to the I&M Robotics field.  Many of the publications were initiated by the Action Groups within SPRINT Robotics, specifically addressing the inspection and maintenance of different assets.

SPRINT Robotics publications promote uniformity in operational procedures, help identify technology improvements that will progress the practical use of technology, align the industry on goals and priorities, enable innovators and researchers to structurally contribute to solutions, inform policymakers about the changing landscape, and assist end users to adapt their (operational) procedures for the uptake of new technologies.

SPRINT Robotics participating companies can download all of the publications for free on SR Community.

SPRINT Robotics Roadmap 2021

The SPRINT Robotics Roadmap is a technology roadmap that defines technology milestones that map on a sequence of ever more complex use cases for inspection, maintenance and repair.

SPRINT Robotics Explosion Safety White Paper

The “Explosion Safety” White Paper summarizes the legal aspects of working with a robot in potentially explosive environments, aspects of Ex certification of equipment…
SPRINT Robotics - Inspection and Maintenance Robotics

Standard Test Methods for Remote Operations: Operator Rounds and Incident Response

This document outlines the immediate-term use of a number of easy-to-adopt and high impact Standard Test Methods by SPRINT Robotics and its members.
SPRINT Robotics - Inspection and Maintenance Robotics

Guidelines for the Application of Robotics for the offline Inspection of Pressure Vessels

This publication gives guidance to those involved with preparation, execution and processing of a robotic inspection of pressure vessels.
SPRINT Robotics - Inspection and Maintenance Robotics

Guidelines for the Application of Robotics for In-service Inspection of Aboveground Storage Tanks

This guideline aims to facilitate an accelerated yet responsible adoption of in-service robotic inspection for storage tanks.
SPRINT Robotics - Inspection and Maintenance Robotics

Report “Focus on Remote Operations”

A strategic blueprint to further assist members with remote operator robotic applications, leveraging experiences and capturing specific considerations from companies who have already started [..]


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